There are always a ton of questions when it comes to the book of Revelation. This is to be expected with the strange, apocalyptic nature of the book. There is also the tension in the fact that there is a lot of symbolism as well as imagery relating to the empire that is ruling the world (Rome) at the time when John receives this revelation.

One person asked, "There are some spots in red writing, were those actually Jesus' words? What about the parts with all of the wings covered in eyes? Is this supposed to be literal? Is this a description of heaven?"

This is a good question! A few things to help us. First, yes, the portions that are in red are attributed to Jesus!

Second, the imagery is complex, especially being people who do not live during the era of when this was written. There is a book that is helpful in reading Revelation that I suggest everyone read if they want a good understanding. It's called Reading Revelation Responsibly by Michael Gorman. You can get it HERE.

Third, Tim Mackie gives a good overview of Revelation. I encourage everyone to take 7 minutes and watch his primer. It is below!

Fourth, I encourage you to hang tight because over October and November at City View we are going to be looking at Revelation. I can promise a couple things. One, all our questions won't be answered! Two, we are going to work to bring context to the big picture of Revelation and what it means for us. The series will be called Follow The Lamb.

I hope that helps! Two more days and we've completed our journey together!