Hey everyone!

6 months? Can you believe it? This Friday we will be half way through our journey of the bible. It is amazing how quick time goes!

I hope you are doing well. Keep reading, learning! Keep carving out time for this. You can do it.

Yesterday and today we have been reading through the book of Lamentations. Tomorrow we start the book of Ezekiel. Below is some help with both of these books!


Lamentations, an important book that doesn’t get a lot of attention. Israel is now in exile in Babylon and these poems share the pain, devastation and frustration Israel feels being in this position. It is a cry asking God, “Why have you done this?!"

For a great five minute introduction to Lamentation, watch the video below.


Tomorrow we start the book of Ezekiel together. Let’s be honest… Ezekiel is a weird dude!

Below is a great intro to the book of Ezekiel, specifically the first 32 chapters. When we get to chapter 32 I will drop another video that helps with context for the rest of the book.

Have an amazing week! We will let you know in the next week when the next time we will be getting together will be!

Grace + Peace,