Hey everyone!

We are continuing our journey through the gospels!

We are finishing up John this week and starting Luke as well.

Now you may be asking, "Why would we read John before Luke? Isn't it the other way around?"

Obviously, in our Bibles Luke comes before John. Yet, because Luke is both the writer of the gospel of Luke and the book of Acts, it is good to read those back-to-back. Basically Luke and Acts is one story with two volumes. Think of it as one series with two seasons (just trying to put it in 21st century language).

So we have been reading John and then will move into Luke-Acts!

With that said there is a video primer for John 1-12, John 13-21 and Luke 1-19 below. Take a few minutes and watch them as they will give you context as you read!

John 1-12

John 13-21

LUKE 1-19