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Yesterday we started the book of Isaiah!

Isaiah can be an intimidating book. The poetry and structure that is in it, the themes, along with its length may seem overwhelming but my hope is that as we read it and do a little context we will see how beautiful this book is.

One of the reasons that Isaiah can seem complex is because throughout the book Isaiah assumes that we know what he is talking about. This is why I am going to give some extra resources here if you want to dive deeper.

The other thing is that the book of Isaiah was deeply important to both Jesus and the early Christians. For example, Mark's Gospel begins the story of Jesus assuming that the reader has an understanding of Isaiah (in particular Isaiah 40). In many respects it is important to understand Isaiah if we want to understand the gospels.


Below is a video from for Isaiah 1-39. Take a few minutes to watch it to get background and context.

Isaiah Course

Below is a nine part course that Dr. Tim Mackie did on Isaiah.

If you want to go deeper this is for you! You can listen to this on your comment or when you are at the gym. There is also a handout there if you are keen.

Handout can be found by clicking HERE.

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