Hey everyone,

It’s been almost two weeks since we last connected on the ONLINE HUB.

Hope you reading is going great! Earlier we read through Proverbs. The on Tuesday we continue through some wisdom literature as we started Ecclesiastes and today we take two days to read through Song of Songs (Song of Solomon).

A little background to Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs.


Tremper Longman says this of the book of Ecclesiastes:

"Ecclesiastes is an enigmatic book. What other book in the Bible puts such an emphasis on the meaninglessness of this present life (see 1:2 and throughout) or advises readers to be either “too good or too wise” (7:15-18)? This is a book that seems, on the surface, to have internal tensions - it not contradictions. Should we enjoy life? (2:24-26), or should we take a sober or even somber attitude toward it, perhaps preferring death (7:1-4)?
Even though there are many questions concerning the interpretation of this book and, consequently, numerous disagreements among the commentators on certain details, the main message is rarely lost: Apart from God, there is no true meaning in life. Likewise, the final advice of the book is clear and beyond debate: “Here now is my final conclusion: Fear God and obey his commands, for this is everyone’s duty. God will judge us for everything we do, including every secret things, whether good or bad (12:13-14).
This small, admittedly difficulty book is an important one for us to hear today. The issues of life haven’t changed all that much since the time the book was written in antiquity. Today we still face the question, where can we find the meaning of life?”

Below is a short primer to watch on the book of Ecclesiastes:


Below is a fantastic animated video from the guys at The Bible Project on the Song of Songs.