Hey everyone,

We did it! We made it through the Torah and are now back into the narrative of Israel.

If you fell behind in the Torah no worries. This is a great chance to jump back in with Joshua.

There will be two posts this week. Today, we will give an introduction to Joshua. Tomorrow, we walk will talk about God and war. We are obviously confronted with some things in Joshua as God calls Israel into the land.

Joshua Introduction

Yesterday we started to read the book of Joshua together.

Moses has died, the new Moses is a man named Joshua and God is using him to lead the people into Canaan.

Please remember that not only was the Law not ideal (the Garden of Eden was), so to was war. War was not ideal (the Garden of Eden was) but we see in the book of Joshua that as Israel was in slavery the Babylonian nations moved into Canaan and were destroying it. (We will talk about this more when we talk about God and war).

Below is a 5 minute introduction to the book of Joshua. This will really help you as you read.


Also… you will notice on Thursday that for the reading we are to simply skim Joshua 12-21. The reading plan asks you to do this because reading these chapters is like reading a map. It speaks of geographical boundary markers all the way through these chapters so we figure you can skim through them in one day.

The bible is real my friends!  The bible is real.

Watch the introduction, keep reading and we will talk to you tomorrow!