Hey ladies and gentlemen!

Hope you are well! Only two days until Christmas. So exciting.

Well… a few things for the next couple weeks:

1. Sarah commented on our Ruth thread on the ONLINE HUB. She poses some fantastic questions about the judges like Sampson and Gideon. Before I contribute I thought I would throw it out there and see if anyone else has some diaologue around this.

This dialogue can be found at - http://www.cityview.cc/oneyearhub/2015/12/17/ruth

2. This week we started reading through the book of 1 Samuel. So basically over this week and next we are reading 1 + 2 Samuel. Below is a short primer for 1+2 Samuel. This will help bring context as you read:

3. Back in the summer we did a series on 1 + 2 Samuel called the Royals. You may want to listen through these teachings as you read these books! They are listed below:

Teaching #1 - A Cry For A King - http://files.cityview.cc/teaching/listen/theroyals/the_royals_week_1.mp3

Teaching #2 - How To Ruin Your Life - http://files.cityview.cc/teaching/listen/theroyals/the_royals_week_2.mp3

Teaching #3 - Caves, Spears + The Pursuit of Virtue - http://files.cityview.cc/teaching/listen/theroyals/the_royals_week_3.mp3

Teaching #4 - After God’s Heart - http://files.cityview.cc/teaching/listen/theroyals/the_royals_week_4.mp3

Teaching #5 - Sex + Power - http://files.cityview.cc/teaching/listen/theroyals/the_royals_week_6.mp3

Teaching #6 - God At War? - http://files.cityview.cc/teaching/listen/theroyals/the_royals_week_7.mp3

Teaching #7 - Lady Wisdom - http://files.cityview.cc/teaching/listen/theroyals/the_royals_week_9.mp3

4. Remember that we are getting together at 5pm at our place on Sunday, January 10th. It is really important that you come as we will all touch base as to where we are at on this journey together.

Have an amazing Christmas! I will touch base next week,