So one of the things that we wrestle with when we get to books like Joshua, Judges and 1 + 2 Samuel is the idea of war and violence. We see in many places God tell Israel to wipe the Canaanites out.

As someone who is a pacifist and a person of peace, how do I reconcile this? How do I take Jesus teaching of loving my enemy seriously when we see these things?

In the summer I did a teaching on my own journey on this topic and how there can be misconceptions on Old Testament violence.

You can watch the teaching below:

This is also a reminder that today the reading asks you to skim Joshua skim Joshua 12-21. The reading plan asks you to do this because reading these chapters is like reading a map. It speaks of geographical boundary markers all the way through these chapters so we figure you can skim through them in one day.

Have an amazing week and we will see you all Sunday!