Hey everyone,

We had a great time last night getting together! Thanks to those of you that could make it. We will set a date for our next get together soon.

Last night we showed this video from Tim Mackie sharing why the bible is important and where it came from. You can watch it below! This is really important to watch if you were not with us.

We also showed two quick videos that help us with context on Genesis. We will be in Genesis until the middle of next week.

Genesis Part 1 Video



I hope you are finding Genesis engaging. Remember the emphasis is not the age of the earth or even how it came to being as much as it is answers the question "how do I relate with the people around me." It is telling the human story and how we relate with both God and others and how sin leads down a path that is far from God's good will. We also learn very quickly at how faithful God is in making a covenant with Abraham and His heart to redeem the world. 

Remember you can find the reading plan for October by clicking HERE or we are using the EAT THIS BOOK PLAN on YOUVERSION.