Hey everyone!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

This week we finish up the book of Genesis. How exciting eh?! It goes pretty quick.

Genesis is great because it is story! We are learning in the mess of everything God has a plan to rescue humanity and he will do this through Abraham and his lineage.

If you are discouraged in your reading take heart. Set aside some time to get caught up. I will check in with you all over the next week.

A few extra resources for this week:

1. Tim Mackie did a crash course on the Torah if you are interested. The Torah can be translated “Instruction” and we see it as the first five books of the bible. There are three talks that he does. They are longer but if you are keen follow the link to listen to them - http://www.timmackie.com/torah-crash-course/

2. Here are some extra videos that help us understand Genesis.  

3. I will post an introduction to Exodus at the end of the week. We will be starting the book of Exodus on Sunday!

4. Make sure to use the comments section on the ONLINE HUB. There was a question that was posed last week that you may want to look at!

Have an amazing week,

Grace + Peace,