On Sunday I introduced my friend Ed to the City View family. Ed has a rare disease called Individualitus. Here are some of the symptoms:

   Ed has prayed a prayer to get into Heaven but has a low view of the church and doesn't participate in it because he doesn't like people

   Ed interprets the bible as a self help book and uses God as someone who will fulfill all of his wants

   Ed reads verses like Jeremiah 29:11 and thinks that God had a plan solely for him when in reality God is speaking to Israel (context is not his thing) 

   Ed follows all the super pastors on twitter and Instagram, liking all their photos while at the same time never spends time eating, studying the scriptures and living on mission with other Jesus followers

   Ed can't quite find the time to gather with a local church but he can find the time to podcast sermons from LA to New York, Atlanta to Seattle from his moms basement

   Ultimately, Ed thinks the bible storyline is purely about him and how Jesus will come and escape him from this this big bad world


The problem with Individualitus is this. The storyline of the bible is not about us as individuals. The narrative of the bible is that God is not just saving individual souls, though he is, but that he is creating a people for himself. He is reconciling the world to himself a creating a people, a new humanity. Salvation is a community creating event!


We have some work to do with Ed!  But what about you? Any symptoms of Individualitus?

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