On Sunday we lit the fourth advent candle as a community (the love candle) in anticipation of the coming of Jesus the messiah.

One thing we need to be reminded of this Christmas is that God is love. It is so easy to fashion in our minds that love is an attribute of God. It is easy to think that God embodies love like he does other things like his holiness, mercy, justice, sovereignty, etc.

But John, a disciples of Jesus, makes it abundantly clear that GOD IS LOVE (1 John 4:8). Love is not an attribute of God. In essence, love is who he is. In return God expresses his love to humanity and the world he created through things like grace, mercy, justice and so on. This paradigm shift is important for us to embrace as people who follow Jesus because love is not just what God does, it is who he is.

Let us be reminded this Christmas that God expresses his love in a multiplicity of ways, but in very nature he, the creator and giver of life, is love.