On Sunday we took some time as a community as had brunch together in preparation for the Lenten season. It was such a great morning together. The conversation and food were fantastic.  

If you don’t know, our theme for 2018 at City View is The Year of The Dojo. Our goal is to take time throughout the year and practice some spiritual disciplines together. The first six weeks of the year we practiced Fixed Hour Prayer. As a community we were learning to take specific time throughout the day to come to God in prayer. 

Today, and over the next six weeks leading into Easter, we are practicing the spiritual discipline of fasting. We agree with Phillis Tickle when she declares that “fasting is far and away the most misunderstood, maligned, and misused” spiritual discipline.

On Sunday we took time to look at the what, why and how of fasting. This introductory teaching would be really helpful if you were not apart of this gathering. You can listen here and can find more resources on this discipline at

It’s pretty simple. Fasting is simply refraining from food or water for a designated period of time. Note that there is a difference in abstaining something for Lent and fasting. Fasting always has to do with food and water.

The way we are going to practice this is we are inviting you to enter into a weekly rhythm of fasting from sundown on Wednesday evening to sundown on Thursday evening for the next six weeks. This means you can have dinner on Wednesday evening and then fast through to dinner on Thursday. If these specific days don’t work for you, that’s absolutely fine! We encourage you to pick another day throughout the week.

We believe God is going to do a great work within us over these next bunch of weeks. Hope you can join in!