Tonight marks the beginning of 24 Hours of Prayer. We believe over the next day that significant breakthrough is going to happen in our church and city. We are seriously believing for the Spirit to do a deep work in the hearts and lives of our community and we are thankful that you would take some time to pray.

As you know we have been praying for specific things all week long for SEEK WEEK. You may be wondering: what can I pray for in my hour (or two). Below are some things that have been on our hearts this week and can be some things that we can continue to pray for this weekend!

- our mayor, city council, city and community leaders
- teachers and educators in the city
- all the kids and youth in London that have returned to school this week
- the college and university students that now make London home
- those on the margins of society in our city
- the different ministries that are bringing care to individuals in need in our city
- the salvation and renewal of our city, praying that people will turn to Jesus!

- the growth of our community in prayer, the spiritual disciples and our engagement of scripture
- that our kids ministry would continue to reach, teach and train children
- that our Jr. High ministry would make disciples of students
- that our community groups would flourish and fill the city with people living on mission
- for those hurting in our church both relationally and financially
- for the financial health of our community, that people would join in on the financial vision of our church
- that our community would be postured towards people outside the community, reaching them with the gospel
- for the strength and health of our leaders
- that God would raise more leaders to lead within our community
- that those who hear the gospel in our Sunday gatherings would turn their hearts towards Jesus and his kingdom

Ultimately our pray is that God’s kingdom would come to London as it is in heaven.

Thanks for praying with us! We are also getting together at the bandshell at Victoria Park tomorrow morning from 10-11am if you want to join us!

Grace + Peace,