We are continuing on with our year of spiritual practice at City View... The Year of The Dojo!

So far we have laid the fouindation of four practices: Fixed Hour Prayer (Jan-Feb), Fasting (Feb-March), Generosity (April-May), and Sabbath (June-August).

Now, from August 12 to September 29, we are going to practice emotional health as a community.

How are we going to do this?

1. We are going to use Pete Scazzero's book The Emotionally Healthy Church as a guide.
2. Over seven weeks we are going to walk through Scazzero's seven principles to emotional health.
3. We are also going to offer mid-week podcasts and study guides that highlight the seven principles to emotional health.
4. We also encourage you to take the assessment/inventory to identify where you are at in regards to emotional health.

7 Principles of Emotional Health

1. Looking Beneath The Surface
2. Breaking The Power of The Past
3. Living In Brokenness and Vulnerability
4. Receiving The Gift of Limits
5. Embracing Grieving and Loss
6. Making Incarnation Our Model For Loving Well
7. Slowing Down and Leading With Integrity