Hey friends! Hope your week is going great!

Easter is a really important rhythm in the life of a Christian community. More than dressing up in pastels (which is totally encouraged by the way) is the reality that as a community we are shaped by an incredible story—we are story formed people. Easter is a time where we gather around the reenactment of this great story. At moments we mourn like on Good Friday, or we sit in silence and wonder like on Holy Saturday, and then of course we celebrate resurrection like on Easter Sunday.

With this in mind, we hope you can join us during this time.

On Good Friday we are meeting at 10.30am for a one hour communion service with our brothers and sisters at Royal View Church. Royal View is located on the east side of town at 218 Clarke Rd. This morning will give us time to reflect on the cross and Jesus’ work through this.

Then on Resurrection Sunday, Sunday, April 1st, we are going to party! And yes it’s April 1st but resurrection is no joke! We are going to sing and celebrate, have people baptized on this morning and we are going to hear from a number of people in our community and their stories of how they have been brought from death to life!

Not only do I hope you can join us, I hope that you will prepare yourself for this season! Let’s journey to the cross and resurrection together.

Grace + Peace,