This is the fifth week that we are practicing the spiritual discipline of fasting together. From sundown on Wednesdays to sundown on Thursdays we are abstaining from food.

Each week we have also been sharing a reason why we fast as Christians. So far we’ve learned that Israel in the Old Testament had a history of fasting and that we fast because fasting is whole body worship, fasting is a practice against broken desires and fasting is a response to a grievous moment.

With all this mind, it’s also true that fasting creates a greater awareness of God in our lives. It is no mistake that throughout the Scripture the twin of fasting is prayer. Over and over the bible suggests that fasting and prayer are disciplines that go together. When we fast we are drawn to pray. Fasting is a sacred rhythm that is entered into to experience God in a richer way.

So, as you practice fasting be aware of God’s presence all around you. Let every hunger pain during this time be a reminder that God is good and is the one who gives life and sustains us.