At our team morning on Sunday, September 30 we took a few minutes to address the leadership culture that continues to develop at City View. From the very beginning this little phrase has been used over and over by our key leaders: “Everything is an invitation!”

More than ever we believe this statement to be true. Everything we do as a community is an invitation. Our hearts desire is that those leading and serving on our Sunday teams would not do so out of obligation, but out of a deep and sincere love for the church and out of the way in which each person is gifted. 

With this in mind, to deepen our culture of leadership at City View we have to continually change the way we think. The apostle Paul says that we shouldn’t be conformed to the patterns of the world, but rather we should be transformed by the renewing of our mind (Romans 12:2). 

It’s pretty simple… How we think as leaders is so important. The reality is that bad ideas can easily permeate the church and with bad ideas often comes poor practice. So with that said, here are a couple of areas we hope to change in the way we think as leaders at City View:

Life Posture > Tasks

Certainly each of our teams have a number of tasks on Sunday mornings. There is sound to be plugged in, rehearsals that take place, signs to be set up, rooms to be transformed, media to be tested, lessons to go over, and the list goes on. Now a culture of excellence is a good thing and we want to be good stewards of our time, resources and gifts as a church, but it must be stated: culture and life posture is far greater than simply getting a list of tasks done. 

The reality is our teams are not simply a means to getting things done. Each person on our team is valued, loved and a vital part of the culture that City View embodies. Remember, as you serve, that your posture in loving and serving others should take priority. The reality is a church can get things done but still have an unloving, unwelcoming culture. Our desire is that we would welcome and care for each other in community and that the posture of our lives towards each other would trump completing a to do list. 

Church As Family/Community > Church As An Event 

One of the other places we need to change our thinking is by continually having our minds renewed in how we view the church. To be honest, when church is viewed simply as an event it can slowly become exhausting. The pressure of throwing an event from week to week often leaves people tired and stressed out.

Here’s the thing. The bible actually gives a much more holistic and beautiful picture of what the church is. We must be reminded that the church is a family! This simple shift from viewing the church as an event to viewing the church as a family or community will change everything. It changes the way we participate—viewing our gatherings together not as an obligation but as a time where the family/community gathers together to worship and connect with each other. This shift in thinking also changes the way we view things like money. When we view the church as an event then we can also be easily drawn in to think that the sole reason of giving financially to a church is to put on a show. This can lead to bad ideas that assume that if the event on Sunday is good then I will give but if it isn’t good or entertaining then I won’t. When we view the church as a family our finances go to fund a community rather than put on an event. This is a much healthier and better way of thinking. Church is a family gathering.

With all of this in mind we look forward to the coming months together! We hope that our little outpost of the kingdom of God will continue to lead people in the way of Jesus.