The Year of the Dojo? Cheesy? Maybe. But we're hoping you won't forget it.

Our theme for 2018 at City View Church is the spiritual disciplines/practices. We are going to take the year and practice a number of Spiritual Disciplines together. Our goal is to move the church from a lecture hall to a dojo, where we practice the ways of Jesus together. 

Take a few minutes and look at the recommended resources, listen to the introduction teaching if you were not at our gathering on January 7 (this will get you caught up), and read what the plan is for this year!


There is often a misconception in the church that transformation will come to the Christian life quickly, like a zap from heaven or something. But, the more one grows as a disciple the more one understands transformation takes time.

The other problem we fact today is the idea that information on its own will lead to a transformed life. While we are not seeking less information, the teachings of Jesus make it clear that his way is to be practiced (Matthew 5:19).

Simply put. You are not a basketball player by reading a book on basketball, or even watching games regularly. You become a basketball player by practicing, getting in the gym, shooting free throws and three pointers and working on your basketball skills. 

So why do we think we will be transformed as disciples purely on the basis of having more information? For most of us our discipleship to Jesus does not have an information deficiency, there is simply a lack of practice. 

With this is mind, we have been led to practice the spiritual disciplines in 2018 together. As Mark Scandrette suggests, "Perhaps what we need is a path for discipleship that is more like a karate studio than a college lecture hall."

We hope you can join us in the dojo!


  • as a community we are going to practice a spiritual discipline every four to six weeks (ten-twelve over the year)
  • on this site you will find an introduction and other resources on how to practice the particular spiritual discipline we are engaging at that time 
  • we encourage you to practice the particular discipline throughout the month
  • when you gather in community groups we encourage you to discuss how the spiritual discipline is going and what you are learning (questions will be supplied on this site)
  • throughout the year at our Sunday gatherings we will hear stories of how people are practicing the disciplines