This week we are engaging in an attentional time of prayer and fasting as a community. From September 4-8 we will be sharing specific things you and your family can be praying for. From Friday, September 8 to Saturday, September 9 we will once again be participating in 24 hours of prayer. Then on Saturday, September 9 from 10-11am we will be gathering together at Victoria Park for a time of corporate prayer together.


Monday, September 4

Pray for our mayor, city council, city and community leaders, teachers and educators.

Tuesday, September 5th

Pray for kids and youth in London and at City View Church as they return to school.

Wednesday, September 6th

Pray for the college and university students attending school in London this year.

Thursday, September 7th

Pray for our city and its redemption, those on the margins of society, and for the different ministries that are brining care to individuals in our city.

Friday, September 8th at 8pm - Saturday, September 9th at 8pm // 24 Hour Prayer

As park of SEEK WEEK we are concluding with 24 hours of prayer from Friday, September 8 at 8pm to Saturday, September 9 at 8pm. We encourage you to sign up for a time slot throughout these 24 hours. You will receive an e-mail, hours before, reminding you of your time sot and things you can be praying for.

Take an hour for 24 HOUR PRAYER by signing up here - 

Saturday, September 9th

We are prayer together as a church at the band shell in Victoria park from 10-11am.