Hi everyone!

This is just another reminder that this Sunday we are not meeting at Goodwill Industries for our regular scheduled gathering.

Instead we are gathering together at Dustin and Teleha Giffin’s house (rain or shine) for a corn boil, potluck and a great time together. There will be yard games, a trampoline and as I like to say, “other fun stuff!”

Make sure to bring something to share for lunch and if you can go on over to www.cityview.cc/cornboil to let us know you’re coming and what you’re brining that would be fantastic.

I also wanted to take a second and answer the question: why are we doing this? Why would we take a Sunday and simply eat together?

Well. Sometimes as a portable church there are logistical reasons for changing things up. A couple times throughout the year our venue is used for other events.

While this is a reality, I do think there is something deeper and more intentional when we take time to simply eat and spend time together. As a church we take the reading and teaching of the scriptures and corporate worship seriously. We love the weekly rhythm of getting together to sing, celebrate and hear from God’s word. But let’s not underestimate what can happen when we take extensive time to eat together and connect with each other. The primary metaphor for the church in the New Testament is family and taking time to gather as the Jesus community in someone’s backyard is no less spiritual than songs and sermons. If anything we see in the bible the early churches meeting together for the Eucharist: a shared meal in the name of Jesus. There is something deep, profound and spiritual when we do this.

Sunday is not only going to be fun, it will also give you a glimpse—if you are not apart of a Community Group—as to what a number of our groups do on a regular basis. It will give you a snapshot of the kind of community we desire to be!

Hope you can join in on all that God is doing.

Grace + Peace,