Technology is amazing and dangerous at the same time.

Social Media has spawned a CULTURE OF COMPARISON.

Very rarely do we post bad pictures. We basically have the ability to filter and edit our lives to make things look really good.

This is a picture we showed yesterday in the teaching of our friends Jeremy and Aurora Oegema. On their tenth anniversary they did a photo shoot of their family. Instead of posting a brilliant, perfect picture of their beautiful family they posted something real.

The photo went viral and was picked up by Reddit, Awkward Family Photos and other media sites.

Now... we learned yesterday that King Saul was possessed with jealousy. He wasn't content in who he was and became jealous, angry and bitter towards David. It basically ruined his life.

This family picture is a great example of not only being real... it is also a reminder to all of us to be content with how God has made us no matter what season of life we may be in.

Thanks Oegema's for making an important point for us all.

Aurora shares more with babeycenter here ->…/meet-the-parents-behind-this…/