One of the questions we are asking is: "Ok... Now what?"  

Last week we celebrated the giving of the Spirit to the church on Pentecost Sunday but we have to ask what this means for us two millennia later.

What God did at Pentecost was not just for good feelings. We see two very clear implications of the Spirits outpouring.

First is proclamation. Peter immediately gets up and proclaims the gospel to the crowds listening on. His call is to repent and be baptized. Because the Spirit has been given we too can do the same!

Second is participation. Acts 2:42-27 gives us a picture of what a Spirit filled church looks like. It's active, alive, sharing, meeting needs, eating, praying and doing life together.

The implications of the Spirit's work is proclamation and participation.

Francis Chan took a few minutes via video to share with us what it means to be a participating community!

(Note that this teaching will disappear by Wednesday)