On Sunday, March 29th we held our annual partners meeting for the partners (members) of City View and our partner church Royal View. Dru gave a little update as to where we are at as a church. You can read it below:

Hi friends,

2014 was a year of transition for us at City View. In May we moved our weekly Sunday gatherings to the Wolf Performance Hall at the Central Branch of the London Public Library. If you were around in 2010 you will remember that this is where we started with a prayer meeting and bible study before launching City View in 2011. God has opened up the space at the Wolf Hall for us to use on a weekly basis. It is state of the art facilities right in the heart of the city and we feel as a church that it is no doubt the right place and space for us as a community.

As a smaller community we know that there are certain limits we have as a church. With this in mind we continue to build around three main rhythms on a monthly bases. These include our weekly Sunday gatherings for worship, teaching and kids programs, our Community Groups that spread throughout the city to meet as a family of missionary disciples and a monthly prayer gathering that brings us together to pray for our church and city.

Throughout 2014 we experienced a number of highlights:

·       We moved into the Wolf Performance Hall in May 2014.

·       We started our sixth Community Group that is helping us spread out on mission in the city.

·       Our kids ministry has seen growth with new children being added. We have see up to 40 people involved some weeks between our pre-school and elementary school rooms.

·       Our summer was filled once again with great community events including our very first BIG DAY OUT at the beach with close to 80 people participating.

·       Our finances were up close to $13,000 (approximately 24%) from 2013.

·       We added new families to the community, many of whom are participating and serving on a monthly basis.

·       We have well over 30 adults serving on teams that help run our Sunday gatherings.

·       In February of this year (2015) we had close to 30 people participate in our Welcome To Church Party. This is an event designed to integrate people into the church, giving them an understanding of who we are and how they can join in on the fun.


We are thankful at what God is doing, yet like any young church there are challenges we face. We continue, as a church primarily represented by millennials, to struggle with attendance week to week in our Sunday gatherings. It is not rare for us to experience 50% of our church away from week to week, making it extremely difficult to gain any sense momentum in our gatherings. We are trying to navigate the line of not becoming legalistic in calling people to participate every week while at the same time seeing the tremendous importance of the church being gathered together on a weekly basis. We need you to continue to pray with us. Honestly, people’s lack of passion to gather every week has been tremendously discouraging for our leadership. We have great vision to see the city renewed and transformed yet we also feel limited when people cannot make a commitment to gather with the family regularly.

 We look ahead to the rest of 2015 with a sense of hope and expectation. We believe the good news of Jesus and his Kingdom is not just a future hope but also a present one. Please be thinking and praying for us as we continue to join God in furthering his church in the city. As the city becomes more secular we need a greater sense of wisdom in how to continue to reach people, especially younger generations.

We are thankful for the partnership we have with Royal View and the great support we feel. Looking forward to what God is going to do in 2015.

Grace and Peace,

Dru Fess