Our good friends and global workers Chad and Ashley McCarthy are throwing an amazing Christmas party for the families that they have been ministering to in their community in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It will be a party filled with food and gifts for the friends they have made.

Our Christmas giving for 2015 is going to go to help the McCarthy's throw this party! Christmas is a great time to turn our holiday practices upside down. Christmas is so often filled with consuming when the very heart of the gospel story is that God gave us himself in Jesus. As Eugene Peterson says, "God moved into the neighbourhood."

With this in mind we encourage you to give above and beyond this Christmas to this initiative. Chad, Ashley and their family are doing an amazing work in Cambodia.

Here's how you can play your part:

1. Go to https://paoc.org/donate/ChadMcCarthy and follow the prompts to give an online gift to the McCarthy's (just follow the donate button). When you contribute, highlight the fact that your donation is for their "Christmas Party."

2. You can also give at our Sunday gatherings throughout the next number of weeks. We will give special emphasis to this at our very own church Christmas Party on Sunday, November 8th.