This Sunday we are doing something unique in our Sunday gathering. Instead of worship, teaching and communion we are setting aside this Sunday to run Plan To Protect Training.

If you don’t know, Plan To Protect is the policies and procedures that cover our community for safety and insurance purposes.

Now… it may seem odd to do this during a Sunday gathering but here are five reasons why we have decided to do this.

Most Are Serving On A Team And In A Position Of Trust

The really unique thing about our church is that the majority is serving and involved on a team (band, kids ministry, hosting and welcoming, Helping Hands, Community Group leaders, etc.). Obviously this is the goal! We want to see so many integrated in the serving culture of the church and because so many have jumped on board it only makes sense to run the training when we are all together.

We Want To Make City View The Safest Place On The Planet

The soul reason we use Plan To Protect is to ensure that City View is a safe place. Just because we are a portable church doesn’t mean we don’t take the safety of our church seriously. We do. It’s our highest priority and it is important to have everyone involved trained and equipped in how to serve the church faithfully.

 We Are Preparing For A Fantastic Ministry Season Ahead

Honestly, we are really excited about the coming year. We view this Sunday as a time where we get some things in order for the future growth and health of our church. We believe 2015 is going to be a big year and we view the Plan To Protect training as something that will help prepare us for great things.

We Hope That If You Are Not Serving You Will

Maybe we will let the secret out! It is our hope that everyone apart of the City View story would serve. We don’t want to be a group of spectators watching a few professionals on stage. We know that the scriptures lead us to view everyone as a participator in God’s Kingdom and the community of Jesus followers.

So let us be clear!  We are not trying to trick you… but we are very open that we would love for everyone to serve the family in some capacity!

It Only Makes Sense To Run It On A Sunday

Because our church is filled primarily with young families it only makes sense to run this when we are all together. It just seems like good stewardship of our time.

The goal of City View is not to make people who are already busy busier. Instead of trying to get everyone together on a weeknight or a Saturday morning we feel like the best and most fruitful time is when we would generally all be together.

So… there’s the “why”. Hope you can join us Sunday.