This is just a note that your giving receipts (for tax purposes) from 2014 are now available. If you gave at our gatherings throughout 2014 you can pick up your statement at the Giving Station on Sunday. We will also mail them if they have not been picked up over the next week.

Note that if you contribute online you will be receipted through Canada Helps. Check your e-mail or log into your account to retrieve your 2014 statements.

We did want to take a minute and say thank you for your financial contribution in 2014. We experienced a number of exciting things throughout the year including our move to The Wolf Performance Hall.

As we look ahead to 2015 we have set our annual budget at $72,500. This will include our rent, $200 a month to our global workers Chad and Ashley McCarthy and also includes all of our week to week ministry expenses.

City View is a fantastic church. Just look around. We have high energy kids ministry with interactive lessons on Sundays. Our gatherings incorporate an amazing time of music, teaching and communion. We have Community Groups that are spreading throughout the city to eat, pray, study the scriptures and build a sense of family and community. Helping Hands is serving those that are living on the margins of our city. There are so many great stories of transformation and renewal in the lives of our church. God is on the move.

One of the things we take very seriously at City View is stewardship. We do all that we do on a on a minimal budget. With this in mind there are a couple things we are encouraging you to do in 2015 if you are apart of the City View family:

Ask God What He Wants You To Give This Year

Have you ever done that? Have you ever asked God what he would like you to do with His resources? We encourage you to take time and ask God how he wants you to give to the financial vision of our church this year.

Plan Your Giving and Contribute On A Regular Basis

We also encourage you to plan out your giving to ensure that it is done on a regular basis. This is something we really need to do to see City View thrive. We are a young church and cannot simply depend on funds to come in when people decide to attend our gatherings. Instead of contributions coming in sporadically it would help us to have each household give regularly to see all of our needs met. This may even mean finding ways to contribute even if you know you are going to be away particular Sundays throughout the year.

All of this is to put us in position of self sustainably. We are thankful for our brothers and sisters at Royal View and all that they have given financially to see us establish ourselves, but we would also like to make strong inroads to be completely self sustaining in the future.

As always you can give at the Giving Station at our Sunday gathers. You can also contribute online at or through Automatic Withdrawal by filling out an EFT form.

Looking forward to the year ahead. Thanks again for making City View a great church.

Dru + The City View Team