On Sunday, August 10th we had an amazing time at Celebrate With Family. Celebrate With Family was a one hour worship experience where the entire church family worshipped together. There were songs, an appearance by Safety Sam and Zeke the Puppet, and we went to the Konnect Station in outer space to learn about God and family!

A few reasons why we took time to do this as a church:

1. It Gave Kids and Parents An Opportunity To Worship Together

Since our move to the Wolf Performance Hall our kids are checked into their programs right at the beginning of each Sunday morning. We do this primarily for safety with there being a bit of a distance between the kids room and the adult auditorium.

Celebrate With Family created an environment for parents and their kids to worship side by side and learn a big idea that they can take home together.

2. It Gave You An Opportunity To See What We Do On A Weekly Basis With Our Kids 

Though we are in the early stages in the life of our new church we do take kids ministry seriously! We do not just want to babysit kids for 80 minutes on Sundays, we want to see our kids grow in the gospel and become disciples of Jesus just like their parents. 

Celebrate With Family gave us an opportunity to show you what we do each and every week. We have high energy interactive lessons each week with our kids that incorporate songs, big ideas, characters and bible stories. It's great stuff and we are proud of our curriculum and the leaders that facilitate it each and every single week!

If you missed Sunday you can watch the experience above.

3. We Are A Family

You may be a parent, you may be a kid or you may be single and have absolutely no interest in kids. The fact is the primary word for the church in the New Testament is family. 

We actually believe the most healthy way to grow as a church family is by being together. Kids and youth ministry have their place but we want to blur the lines a little bit and be a community that grows together, no matter the age.

It also takes an entire village to raise kids in the gospel. We are called to do this together! So Dora The Explored may not be your preference, but there is a sense that we are called to each other and called in community to lay our preferences down.

We hope that you will take what we have experienced to heart and that you would consider being apart of our kids team! Consider helping us in a monthly rotation with our pre-school kids (0-3 years of age) or our elementary kids (4 and up). Just fill out the form below and we would love to connect with you!

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