Elections continue to remind us that the world is longing for someone who will lead well. There is always a lot of banter after an election from every side, but how do we respond as people who follow Jesus?  

The reality is that current governments around the world, as good or as bad as they are, are temporary and were not God’s original plan for dominion and rule on the planet. As Jesus followers we are the crazy ones that believe God is bringing his kingdom to earth and that someday Jesus will rule justly in every corner of the planet.

If you were unhappy, discontent and aggravated with the recent election results remember that no government is perfect, we are all broken and need to be fixed.  Remember that the original plan in the beginning was not democracy. Democracy will be fixed when Jesus brings Heaven to Earth.

If you were happy and overjoyed with the recent election results, remember that this is just temporary. God’s redemptive plan is unfolding and someday there will be no political parties. Someday we will rest under the full reign of Jesus where brokenness and injustice will be restored and everything will be made new.

In the meantime, no matter where we stand or what party we subscribe to we are called to pray. We are called to pray for broken humans who have been entrusted by Canadians to lead as effectively as they can.

So we pray, do good in our neighborhoods and communities and eagerly wait for Jesus to return as king.