This weekend we start a year long journey through the bible together. Not only are we going to read together, but this page will be a place where you can get some extra insight to the different books and genres of the Bible.

Here are four things you can do this year:

1. Gather Sundays For Our Series The Book of Strange New Things (February 5 - March 19)

2. Read Through The Bible With Us (starting February 5 - end of January 2018)

3. As You Read Through The Bible Get Extra Insight On This Page At

  • watch videos from the Bible Project on the major themes and books of the bible 
  • get extra insight on the different themes and genres of the bible throughout the year

4. Watch Mid-week Lectures From scholars and Theologians At

  • every week throughout The Book of Strange New Things we are going to provide a mid-week lecture to supplement your learning
  • we encourage you to watch these lectures in your Community Groups or as individuals 

Lectures Include:

  1. Wednesday, February 8th - What I Wish Ever Person Would Do When Reading Bible by Scot McKnight
  2. Wednesday, February 15th - Canonization by Tim Mackie
  3. Wednesday, February 22nd - Human Origins by John Walton
  4. Wednesday, March 1st - Violence and Genocide in the OT by Joshua Butler
  5. Wednesday March 8th - Wisdom Literature in the OT by Tremper Longman 
  6. Wednesday, March 15th - The Problem of Evil by Gerry Breshears
  7. Wednesday, March 22nd - “Who Is Jesus” by Scot McKnight 
  8. Wednesday, March 29th - The Early Church & Politics by Tim Mackie